Yorktown Day 

Every year 13 organizations host a celebration of the anniversary of the victory over the British at Yorktown, Va.

The American Friends of Lafayette are one of the 13 organizations that plan the day's events.

This annual event held on October 19th has become almost a second 'annual' meeting for several members of AFL.

A long standing member, Lea Gryk, has been the representative for the AFL for the Yorktown Day Committee for several years.

The AFL members often gather the night of the 18th to welcome new association members, listen to guest speakers and visit. 
Then early the morning of the 19th, a convoy of private vehicles drive to the French Cemetery to lay wreaths and honor those French soldiers that gave their lives for the cause of Liberty for the United States.

After that moving ceremony, we head to the Wreath-Laying Ceremony at the Grave of Governor Thomas Nelson, Jr.

or Wreath-Laying and Commemorative Ceremony at the French Memorial.

Other events of the day include:

Yorktown Day Parade

and the always very moving Patriotic Exercises and Memorial Wreath-Laying Ceremony in front of the magnificent Monument to Alliance and Victory.

Please consider joining us every year for this day of celebrating American history.

Update for 2020: 

The Yorktown Day Association, in conjunction with the National Park Service and York County officials have now cancelled...

  • The Yorktown Day Dinner (October 18th)
  • The Yorktown Day Parade (October 19th)
  • The Yorktown Day Luncheon (October 19th)

ยท       For now, the following October 19th events have not been cancelled...

  • The French Cemetery wreath laying ceremony (with minimal attendance)
  • The French Memorial wreath laying ceremony (with minimal attendance)
  • The Yorktown Day Patriotic exercises and wreath laying ceremony at the monument will be conducted with minimal attendance (program details have yet to be determined, but certainly scaled down).

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