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Lafayette Bicentennial Playing Cards

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This deck of cards has been painstakingly reproduced from an original set printed in 1824 to celebrate the return of Lafayette for a 13-month tour of the United States. Now YOU can own a piece of history and celebrate the French-American Hero, and remember your time spent at the Lafayette Ball! #ipartiedwithlafayette In 1824, President James Monroe invited the General Marquis de Lafayette, hero of the American Revolution and George Washington’s close companion, to the United States as the “National Guest.” During the next thirteen months, Lafayette visited each of the twenty-four states and received a rapturous welcome from a nation nostalgic for Revolutionary glory. The original Jazaniah Ford pack of souvenir Lafayette playing cards was issued in 1824 and are extremely rare today. Perfect as a souvenir or as a gift for your favorite History, Lafayette or Hamilton buff! NOTE: Jokers were not a part of playing card decks until the middle of the 20th Century. As such, this deck of cards does not have Jokers per se. However, two blank playing cards have been added to each deck and can be used as jokers so that you can play modern card games with this full 52-card deck of cards should you wish to. Looking to buy in bulk? Email me at beespokevintage@gmail.coml and ask how you can save money!

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