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A Statue of Lafayette

The Lafayette Statue in Yorktown is now a reality! 

Prominently displayed along the waterfront in Yorktown, Virginia, are life-sized statues of General George Washington and Admiral Fran├žois De Grasse.  Installed in 2005 and enjoyed by tens of thousands of visitors annually, the statues commemorate two important meetings that took place on board De Grasse’s flagship the Ville de Paris during the 1781 Yorktown campaign.  It is well documented that the General Lafayette accompanied Washington to meet with De Grasse during one of these meetings in October, 1781. 

Inspired by a presentation during the recent AFL annual meeting in Boston, the Board appointed a Statue Committee to explore the feasibility of adding a statue of Lafayette.  The Committee has completed considerable research and received encouraging support. Sculptor Cyd Player, who designed the existing statues, is excited and willing to produce the new Lafayette statue.  York County is also supportive of the proposal, and as with the original statues, will agree to take ownership and cover all costs associated with installation. York County, as owner, will provide care, maintenance, and security with no additional or residual liability to the AFL.

Equipped with this knowledge, the American Friends of Lafayette has committed to erect a statue of Lafayette to accompany Washington and De Grasse to accurately portray the October meeting between these important men.  A new interpretive plaque recognizing Lafayette’s important role in solidifying relations between France and America during the Revolution will also be created.

To date, the necessary $35,000 has been receiveded.  Partnering with other interested individuals and organizations, the new statue will be dedicated on Yorktown Day, October 19, 2017.  Yorktown Day 2017 is particularly significant as the AFL is the host organization for the Victory Celebration.  Please help us raise the money to have the Lafayette statue there that day.

The new statue will accurately portray an important historical event during the Yorktown Campaign and provide an opportunity for tens of thousands of visitors to discover and recognize the role Lafayette played in shaping America’s history.  

Thank you.  -The AFL Lafayette Statue in Yorktown Committee   

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