AFL ANNUAL MEETING 2020 - Canceled

AUGUST 6th to 9th, 2020



After planning the annual meeting for June 11th to 14th at West Point, we were forced to move the meeting due to the complications that the COVID-19 pandemic had caused and chose new dates of August 6th to 9th. However, uncertainty still clouds the future and after a great deal of deliberation we have decided to postpone the West Point event to 2021. Consequently, the 2021 annual meeting of the American Friends of Lafayette will take place on June 10th to 13th, 2021 at West Point. We will gather at the Thayer hotel (as originally planned) and our itinerary will stay the same.
Many factors weighed in the decision to postpone the West Point meeting, including New York State guidelines. Certainly, normalcy was a factor as well. Normal attendance, normal touring, normal meals, normal socialization were all at risk. Waiting for normalcy (or a better representation of it) seems prudent. Our hope is that in June 2021, we can have what is close to a normal and fun meeting.

The Thayer Hotel will automatically cancel any existing reservations. You will be notified via email sometime on or after June 22nd by the Thayer Hotel that your reservation was cancelled. You will need to reserve your room again (for June 10th to 13th, 2021). Instructions will be emailed to you on how to reserve your rooms for 2021 sometime this upcoming summer. The Thayer is offering the AFL the same rate for 2021.

Regarding the $200 registration check: The good news is that I did not deposit any of these checks. The registration fee for 2021 will remain the same, giving you three options for how to handle checks received (if you mailed me one):

1) We can deposit your check now and mark you paid for 2021. If you choose this scenario, and for some reason you can't attend 2021, a full $200 refund will be mailed if need be.
2) The check can be torn up and you can submit another check later.
3) Your check can be mailed back to you. Frankly, this is the least preferred scenario as it costs the AFL money, but we are willing to do so if that's what you need.

Please let Chuck Schwam know via email which of the three scenarios you prefer before June 22nd.

The by-laws of the AFL state that we should hold the business portion of our annual meeting every year. Consequently, we will hold our annual business meeting in Yorktown on the afternoon of Saturday, October 17th, 2020. I will email membership more details on this soon. If for some reason we cannot gather in Yorktown on October 17th, we will hold the business meeting via video conference for all to see and participate.

Having the business meeting on the afternoon of October 17th works well since we will be unveiling the Rochambeau statue the morning October 18th and will be attending the annual Yorktown Day Association dinner that evening. Of course, we will also be attending the annual Yorktown Victory celebration on October 19th and have our world-famous cocktail reception that evening. That will be our schedule for that weekend (assuming we can gather safely). We will keep you posted.

It is our sincere hope that we can be together in Yorktown (October 17th to 19th, 2020) and again at West Point (June 10th to 13th, 2021). We promise to communicate regularly regarding these two events.

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